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A few times a year I am attending in various artist alley events or fairs in Finland. From there you can buy items at cash and most common bank - and credit cards.


Date & place



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23. – 24. May 2019
(Info later)

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15. - 16. August 2019
Oulu (Pohjankartano)

Waiting for application


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4. - 6. September 2020
Tampere (Tamperetalo)

Waiting for application

Recent updates:

2 January 2020: I updated the site in general for both text and images. I will be slowly adding to the Buy Products -tab, a catalog type of the products I most often sell at events. In addition, links to Etsy if products in the product category can be found on Etsy. In the commission work section, I will be updating new examples of products to be ordered. Have a nice start to 2020!

16 March 2019: Updated event calendar about Artist Alleys and store have now changed from Storenvy to Etsy. For now on all Online orders goes through Etsy or Email.

23 July 2018: Updated site here and there. Later will be updating Gallery with FanArt works and also adding Fursuit product images.

5 August 2017: New events on my calendar and updated few wrong dates with Tracon and Gingacon.

14 July 2017: Customer requested Gallery to the site! I will add images about my commission and production works time to time.

2 Janyary 2017: New menu link! You can buy ready-made products Online and get the information on the events I am selling products this year!

23 November 2016:New site is now open!

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