The Artist

sivukuva1 For the contents and maintaining of these pages is responsible a Southern Lapland artist who currently live in Northern Ostrobothnia. I am mostly self-taught, but I have also taken art studies during my other education. All of my life I have done a lot of creative projects, for which I draw inspiration from animals, especially dogs, and of course nature.


I try to be active on other sites, through which I recommend to follow my artworks. Below is a listing of Social Media accounts:
DeviantArtIf you want to keep track of my art more widely, then I recommended
InstagramOn Instagram I update art and images from my daily life things several times a week.
Facebook My art updates can also be followed on Facebook and there mainly commission work post and other events where I am at any given time involved.
YoutubeYoutube is still in hiatus mode, but you can find at my channel "Speedpaint" -videos and as well as videos about my dream catchers.

Other projects:

Over the years I have joined in many projects.At this moment I am most active on the Internet improvisation comics. Below are links to projects directly to their own sites. Please note that all those pages are written in Finnish!

DeviantArt Instagram Facebook Youtube

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Portrait - project


Working live

Watch the channel here: Live stream