I make different kinds of works as commissions: art portraits, jewellery and desing works. In this page you can find examples and current prices. The prices are flat rate in most commission types, other are only base prices!

Papercraft Portrait Prices

Below here are current prices for my Papercraft Portraits. These works are not laminated, they have several layers of varnish. Works will be send in cellophane bags and well protected. Shipping for one work is $5. If you order more, I will calculate the final price for your order.

Laminated conbadge

I make badges of various sizes digitally. They are printed on photo paper and heat-laminated. Choose between a traditional plastic + metal clip or a metal eyelet with a small double-ring. You can order a badge with a holographic foil (star or cracked ice).


Different kind of lanyards. Thin ones with no safety lock and more wider with safety lock. Multible colors and pattern available. You car order these lanyards with your commission order - you can also buy wider ones from my Etsy or at conventions.

Extra products

When ordering, you can also order extra products made from the image of the original order. Add-ons can be made from pet portraits as well as digital art. The only limitation is that the products only include pictures / drawings made by me. That is, you cannot order the products below from me for someone else made pictures. If you have ever ordered a job from me before, it is probably possible to order it as a smaller product, because for most of the work I still have work files or photos in my archives.

Photo keychain

You can order an acrylic keychain with two pictures printed on art paper. Both sides can have the same image, or if you ordered two different commissions, both images in the same keychain.


Picture frame without ring: 4 inch x 2,3 inch

Fixed price


Pin-back -button

Pin,badge, pin-back-badge or button, what word do you want to use for this product? Round print with plastic foil for your work on a sturdy metal base.


50mm diameter

Fixed price



Printed on 250g/m² art paper and have really strong adhesive surface other side. These are not waterproof! You can have stickers with holographic foil and then they are more resistant for water.


Wanted size

Fixed price

Starting from $2


Printed on magnetic photopaper, have round corners. Can add holographic foil if wanted.


4 x 6 inch

Fixed price



Hot laminated printed bookmark in 250g artpaper. Can be add holographic foil if wanted.


Starting size is 1,8 inch x 5,9 inch, can be all custom too!

Fixed price

Starting from $3

Copy of papercraft portrait

You can order a copy of your paper portrait if you want. The colors in the job differ slightly from the original job because the parts of the job are scanned and printed. You can get your work the same size or smaller sizes. For example, for a medium-sized job, you might well order a magnetic copy. You can only make portraits of this list item, for example, works that are digitally executed cannot rarely be transformed into three-dimensional work.


Same size or smaller than your original order

Fixed price

Starts from $8

Custom commission to merchandise

There is a section in the Commission Quote -form where I ask if you are giving permission to make a custom work sale product. Here I open it a bit: Over the years, I have been received a permission from customers (their suggestion) to make the sale of products from finished artwork they are ordering. This gave me the idea to introduce the idea more widely, so I already ask for permission in the order form.

Which works are suitable for sale?
Custom commissions where I make a portrait of a purebred cat or dog can be commercialized if I have not already done the color or hair conversion for the breed. Another option is digital art where I can use either the background, the lineart of the character or both.

What merchandise products are made from work?
Examples of products: stickers, picture magnets, postcards, pin-back buttons and bookmarks. Depending on the size you portrait, they can also become magnets or postcard-sized jobs.

Can I refuse?
Yes! The commissioner has the full right to refuse the sale of print copies for their own order. You can ask more by email. In general, you will receive one or more merchandise in addition to your original order as compensation for your consent to make merchandise.

Do You make merchandise on all custom orders I receive?
Even if you give me permission to make merchandise, I do not always make products of every work I do. In the early stages of a commission, I assess whether the finished job would be a good merchandise item and I will tell you about it in the response emails. If you are ordering a portrait of a mixed breed dog or cat, I most likely will not even consider it as a merchandise. If you order a portrait from your own original character, sales promotion is not possible for it by default.

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