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You can buy ready-made products from me. Mainly I sell my completed works in various sales events in Finland, but they are also available for purchase online for everyone all around world. Some finished products which can be bought from me:

  • 3D -Paper Portraits
  • 3D - Portrait magnets
  • Keyrings
  • Traditional Dream catchers
  • Figurine dreamcatchers
  • Stickers
  • Photo magnets
  • Pins / Badges
  • Bookmarks
  • Art Prints
  • Postcards
  • Jewellery
  • Figurines
  • Fursuit parts

From Online

This website does not have own webstore solution, but it has been implemented through Storenvy. Store is in English and orders are shipped internationally. All products are shipped from Finland. All the finished products are not available Online, some are only sold via sales events!

Store is using US dollars (USD) as currency. Online store payment methods are PayPal & Stripe. If you have any questions about these payment methods, check out the links - Please.

If you are not able to / can not use Storenvy -site and would like to buy some products, you can contact me through the form (Link in menu).


A few times a year I am attending in various artist alley events or fairs in Finland. From there you can buy items at cash and most common bank - and credit cards.

Below is a list of what events I am striving for this year. I will subscribe each event, detailed information from a table, if I get to the event by.


Date & place



Event -page >>>
8. – 9. September 2018
Tampere (Tampere -talo)

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