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SaQe-Art.com is working again!
I built a new site at a slow pace when the days of the last year in IRL life was all kinds of burdensome and building a website was not the first thing in mind then. Now finally the structure of the site is starting to be at the point, that I can add content little by little and especially develop the catalog further!

What changed on the site?

The site underwent a radical change because I decided to go back to pure HTML coding, without the input of publishing systems continuous updating and development. In order to make my current life situation easier, the best solution is to move to the so-called to raw code for a long time.
  • Moving from WordPress to HTML and PHP
  • With the help of a friend, I am learning to use JavaScript on the site
  • The online store was removed and replaced by a product catalog
    • Later, you can send a request for a quote from the catalog to my email, but according to orders variable stock balance is not developed for the site catalog.

What can you expect from the future of the site?

Hopefully more stable updateability and more content. I want to at least try to invest in the blog and its texts in the future.
In addition, the site still has a lot of work to do! That is, the photo gallery will be updated with the work done over the years.
I hope the catalog will develop in time and I hope to be able to keep up with the product listings in the catalog every week if possible!

I hope the site still has enough visitors in the age of social platforms! Hope you enjoy!



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Hi, I am Jenna! I am a hobby artist from Oulu, born in the late 80s.

My site focuses on my art and crafts. You can find articles about making art, sales, art presentations and various projects on the blog.

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