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Ordering and delivery terms for custom work

By submitting a SaQe-Art.com request form, you agree to be bound by the terms below.
The terms and conditions of this order and delivery page were created on 16.8.2020 and are valid until further notice.
This document is a physical agreement between the artist and the customer to legally document the contracts.

  1. Commission subjects:

    The artist will not provide services that depicts topics offensive to the artist. The artist has the right to refuse commissions for any reason. The artist will not draw hardcore NSFW subjects or “questionable” subjects or humans.

    The artist is not responsible for stolen or copyrighted images the client has not received permission to use for the commission. This includes anything the client provides in their commission idea description. By agreeing to this ToS, the client relinquishes all liability of the artist to any copyright claims made by another party. These claims will be taken directly to the client.

    The client will provide clear visual references and/or description of the commission idea. References must be accurate and updated if artist make mistake with patterns based with false reference, artist cannot provide clean modification if commission medium is traditional. In digital artform small modifications are possible.

  2. Cryptocurrency and NFT

    My art cannot be used in any relation to cryptocurrency or NFT. The customer is not allowed to tokenize the art I make, not even commissioned works. The artist does not accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as a payment option.

  3. Ordering a custom work

    Submit the form so that you have already provided all the necessary information in the request for quotation.

    Do not submit multiple forms in a row, you can order multiple commissions with the same form. In that case, for each custom work product, provide all the necessary information about the wanted art to be ordered. If you can not tell exactly what you want, you can tell roundly what kind ofart you are looking for. I will ask more specific questions via email.

    1. I will ask you for sample pictures of the task by e-mail when I reply to the form you submitted.
    2. I will first make a sketch of your work, in which I will mark the necessary details. I will ask more specific questions if necessary. At this point in the process, you can suggest changes to the work at no extra cost, such as correcting the look or adding some small element such as a collar / scarf, and so on.
    3. Any desired changes should be told to the artist at the draft stage. It is not possible to make major changes that change the overall look of the work in the later stages of the commissioned work process. For all commissions, the biggest changes will be billed separately after the draft phase. If, however, you find yourself ordering the work that I have done some color or pattern error by mistake, I will fix it of course. Clear communication from both of us is important.

  4. Paying the artwork

    I accept payments only via PayPal invoices, currency being presented always in Euros or United States dollars. I do not accept any commission payments via direct PayPal payments through email address.
    With people living in Finland I can accept regular money transfers through the local banks or cash / card payments at conventions. Also recommend sending Quote in Finnish version.

  5. Gift orders

    If you order as a gift: book at least 2 - 4 months before the wanted date. The sooner you order, the better the job will be completed by the deadline. When responding to your request for quotation, I will tell you how the date fits into my current job list and whether the request is possible in relation to the workload. If there is an absolute tight schedule for work, I will charge extra fee for tight deadline.

    Sometimes I have time to work at a faster pace, but I do not want to rush about work because it has a huge impact on the quality of work.

  6. Commission timeline and communication:

    1. I will begin processing your order as soon as I receive your payment. I will clearly let you know if I have more commissions on the current work list or if the product work on the sales event takes up a lot of my time and you have to wait for your own work to begin. So I recommend ordering a job well in advance if you have a specific date when you want the job to be in your own hands, remember that it can take 7 to 45 business days for home delivery with traditional art items, depending on how well the mail is delivered + where you live.
    2. In practice, I do one commission at a time. I might have been able to make sketches to several work quotes, but processing is just one because I want to keep my work list clear. I also do my own drawings / projects besides custom work. Preparation for sales events also strongly influences the progress of commission work. The time it takes to complete a custom job varies from two weeks to half a year depending on the amount of work involved. Jobs can be completed earlier, depending on the time and how many hours I have available per week. I will report any major delays to the best of my ability, but I can spend 8 to 20 hours a week working on commissions.
    3. The artist will provide updates within a reasonable time, but is not obligated to give daily updates. The artist is responsible to give updates involving events that would hinder the timing of the piece such as (but not limited to) injury or immediate family emergencies. Some works takes longer to finish and the artist try to keep commissioner updated as much as possible with event preparations or holidays what might be affecting commission timeline.
    4. I will send you 2 to 4 work in progress pictures of the ordered commission via email or through any other social media account if you wish.

  7. The approval stages

    I ask you for approval at different stages and make small changes to digital jobs at no extra cost, such as changing the color tone or correcting the pattern of the character. Larger changes in the position of the character, for example, are not possible after the linework is accepted. Before I finish the job, I will send you a picture of the job.

    1. Sketch

      You accept the raw sketch and you can request larger changes if you wish.
    2. Lineart

      You accept the lineart I made, you can suggest very small changes.
    3. Base colors

      You accept the base colors I made for the character to check if the patterns are correct. You can also suggest color changes to the background, etc. in background works.
    4. Basic shading

      You accept the shading plan if your commission include shading stage

      After this, changes are not possible without additional costs.

    5. Finished artwork

      You accept the job before finishing and submitting.

      Making changes is no longer possible when the job is complete.

  8. Print products

    I ask in my quote form do you give permission for produce finished artwork commission to sale purposes.

    In the case of your own character, I will customize the elements identifying the character for sale product.

    For pets, I may make small adjustments as needed. The commissioner has the full right to refuse the sale of print copies for their own order. You can ask more by email.

    In general, you will receive one or more merchandise in addition to your original order in exchange for your consent to make merchandise me so sell at my Artist Alley tables. And even if you give me permission to make copies, I do not always make sale products of every work I do.

  9. After ordering

    Once you have received a job, you have certain rights to it. You can post a picture of it on social media if you want.
    ▪ It would be great if you could link one of these pages to your publication and tell me the author:
    • http://saqe-art.com
    • https://www.facebook.com/SaQeArt/
    • https://www.instagram.com/saqeart/
    • https://www.twitter.com/saqeart/

    • However, you cannot claim anywhere that you have done the work, the copyright for the product made will always remain with me as the author.
    • You may want to resell the finished product,however:
    • you cannot make copies of the work and resell them
    • or sell the product for more than what you paid me for it.

    • You can have the work for your own use, for example a mug, keychain, etc.



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