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I make pet portraits, digital art, jewelry and decorative objects to order. On this page you will see the examples of what kind of work I have done in the past. I reserve the rights to change the prices within each commissioned work.

Thank you so much for your interest towards my work!

Available custom commission types

Please read about custom work terms of service here!

Papercraft portraits
40€ - 90€
25€ - 75€
Digital Art
starting from 15€

Layered portraits are one of my most popular tyoes of commissioned work. I started with pet and character portraits in 2016.
Works are done using mixed techniques with traditional art tools. The most characteristic of portraits are the elements piled up in layers, which are used to create "3D" card-like depth to works. I also do the works more in my own style rather than aiming for photorealism.
For example, you can request additional elements for portraits, such as the pet can sit in the basket or accessories can be added to the pet.


Layered portraits work best in deep frames. The artwork does not include frames, so the customer must obtain them themselves.

Of course, for an additional fee, I can deliver the ordered work pre-framed, but in that case the final commission fee will be higher.


Good to know before ordering:

Prepare for ordering a layered portrait by looking for the clearest possible images of the subject to be drawn. It would be good if you could find pictures of different views of the head to be drawn. In this way, I can include in the work all the essential features that belong to the drawing.

The character con-badges are part of the fursuit fandom. They are used as a collectibles as well as in physical form for identification in connection with other fursuiters in events.

The hobbies focus is on own characters and through them people recognize each other. Stories are written about the characters and a lot of art is drawn.

I only make badges from self-invented characters, so I do not draw characters based on licensed characters (e.g. Pokemon or Sonic characters).

There are no restrictions in the species. I draw so completely self-invented species or characters based on some animal species as well as fantasy animals. As long as you have the rights to the character or I can make a badge as a gift for your friends own character.

Good to know before ordering:

Prepare for ordering a badge by having a clear reference picture of the character or really good photos, for example of your fursuit. If reference material is based only on low-quality photos or shaded artwork done by others, I may refuse to do commissioned work for you.
As a general rule, badges made with digital tools do not include a printout or lamination, unless it is already mentioned in the info. Special badges usually include hot laminate finish.

45€ - 75€
Mixed media badge

Mostly I do digital work where I draw a desired character or a pet.
I am not drawing human characters at the moment!
The price list is intended for works where the character is portrayed desired way, in action poses or in certain atmosphere and combinations of these are described.


The prices of my different digital art are listed below.
For larger works, the price is indicative. The difficulty of the work determines the final one the cost of the work.

There are also various print products available from digital works, which I can make in my home studio. Each additional product has its own price.
Available e.g. 50mm pins or magnets, laminated bookmarks, paper/vinyl stickers and larger picture magnets. Feel free to ask for more!
Colored sketch
Head / Icon
A Character
starts 30€
Simple scene
Full scene
starts 75€


You will always receive the final work in print quality, and the working area for background work is at least A5. In backgroundless and head/portrait works, the images are smaller than A4. The size of the picture is always discussed on a case-by-case basis.

If you want an artwork that is larger than A4, the price will increase based on what the artwork will include. Which varies depending on the job. If you want an unusual large-sized image, bring it up before I have started working on your work! Bring it up in your very first message regarding custom work. You can also suggest a specific size, I will tell you when I respond to your request for a quote whether there will be an additional cost for the size or not.


The prices include artwork for one character. Depending on the additional character(s), the picture and the setting, the price ranges from €20 to €75! For example, if two characters are pictured as fullbodies, then the second character is equally equal to the first character too.


The prices include the small revisions of mistakes made by me, the artist. We agree before starting the work what will be drawn in the commissioned work and in what kind of frames or positions the characters will be depicted for the work.

If, after the draft is approved, the customer wants to make a major change to the mood of the picture or the position of the character, the change will be charged for its own cost, which, depending on what is the work processing stage, is at least one third of the original price. If I have got the linework of the commission completely ready for all elements and I have started coloring, we will always charge for changes after that completely new full commission fee.