I make art portraits, jewelry and decorative objects to order. On this page you will see the examples of what kind of work I have done in the past. I reserve the right to change prices in with each contract work request.

Thank you so much for your interest towards my work!

Options to order

I accept certain types of orders at a time. So, for example, I don’t always accept paper portraits of pets or characters. I will indicate availability through the icons below and a separate banner.

Postal and delivery

Nowadays, I always use shipments with a tracking code in Finland for mailed orders. It is difficult to use tracking codes for shipments outside Finland, because Finland Post does not automatically provide tracking for Priority shipments. It is only available in certain countries as an additional service. The customer has to redeem the tracking themself in foreign shipments.

Tracking available to these countries: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

Europe Envelope

Cardboard packages under 3cm
  • No Tracking
  • Max 20g: 1,85€
  • Max 50g: 2,65€
  • Max 100g: 3,70€
  • Max 250g: 5,55€
  • Max 500g: 9,25€

USA Envelope

Cardboard packages under 3cm
  • No Tracking
  • Max 20g: $2,10
  • Max 50g: $4,15
  • Max 100g: $8,30
  • Max 250g: $14,50
  • Max 500g: $25

Express Europe

Cardboard packages under 3cm
  • Tracking
  • Max 250g: 18,5€
  • Max 500g: 25€
  • Max 1kg: 36€

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland

Express outside Europe

Cardboard packages under 3cm
  • Tracking
  • Max 250g: 22,80€ / $25,50
  • Max 500g: 41,50€ / $ 46,40
  • Max 1kg: 60€ / $ 67

Canada, Brazilia

Papercraft portraits

All 3D paper portraits are designed into a three-dimensional work based on photographs provided by the customer. I make paper portraits of real animals as well as fantasy characters.  As long as you have permission to use the character or want to have the work as a gift for a friend.

I need good pictures of the model to be drawn from the front and preferably also from both sides. It is essential that the images are clear and the desired patterns are visible. I can also add on extra elements to work like a collar for a dog or a cat sitting in a basket. In addition, I can make expressions that differ from the model images, such as a panting or happy dog.

Customer feedback:


I found SaQe to be an excellent artist and an excellent person. The detail and work put in is amazing.



Wonderful! Got to the place of honor next to the urn ♥



Stunning craftsmanship and good communication! I’m very pleased with my piece and would highly recommend to my friends.


Small portrait


~ 7cm x 11cm / ~ 3 in x 4 in

or with cardboard background in size of 10 x 15cm / ~4 x 6 in


0 $
for one work

When ordering, you can choose whether the work will have a magnet, a brooch on the back or whether the work will be glued to a 10cm x 15cm background board. The choice does not affect the price of the work in any way. You can also request a larger size for the job than I have specified by default – a change in size to a larger size will affect the total cost of the commissioned work.

Bigger portraits


15cm x 20cm / 6 in x 8 in


0 $
for one work


~21cm x 29,7cm /  ~8 in x 12 in


0 $
for one work

When ordering, you will get a job on a black background, you can also request for a different colored background board. The work does not come with frames, but the customer must obtain them themselves. Of course, for an additional fee, I can deliver the ordered work pre-framed, but in that case the postage price will be higher.

Deep box-like frames work best with these portraits

Laminated con-badges

The character con-badges are part of the fursuit fandom. They are used as a collection art as well as in physical form for identification in connection with other fursuiters in events. The hobbies focus is on own characters and through them people recognize each other. Stories are written about the characters and a lot of art is drawn. I only make badges from self-invented characters, so I don’t draw characters based on licensed characters (e.g. Pokemon or Sonic characters). There are no restrictions in the species, I draw so completely self-invented species or characters based on some animal species as well as fantasy animals. As long as you have the rights to the character or I can make a badge as a gift for your friends own character.

Digital illustrated badge


Character halfbody


0 $


Full character


0 $


What you get:

You can have physical shipped badge finishing



+ 0
+ 0 $

Price include shipping world wide


Digital art

I also make commission works which are drawn completely digitally. I make small user icons, character references and digital paintings. The emphasis may be on the character, the background, or a combination thereof. The work will be delivered via e-mail, you will see a raw draft of your work before payment. For an additional fee, I can also make a physical copy of the finished work, such as a print or fridge magnet etc. A request for a copy must be included in the order job offer so that I can calculate the total amount correctly. You can read more about copy products here.

Digitally drawn character illustration


The main focus is on the character’s face, if you want, you can get the character photographed with a wider crop where a little background is also visible. The background is either a monochrome or a simple outline. Your character is also pictured in color as well as shaded.


Digital icon

  • 950 px x 950 px
  • PNG ja 300 dpi & 72 dpi


Character without background

Full body photo of your character without background. The background can be transparent or it can be solid color. The character is colored and shaded.


start at 40€
  • A4 size including one character
  • PNG ja 300 dpi


Character with full illustrated bg

Full body photo of your character on the background you want. In addition, you can also request a picture of another character, which also affects the final cost of the work.


start at 50€
  • A4 size including one character
  • PNG ja 300 dpi


Digital character reference sheet

A drawing of your character from different angles. The work is a collage of several images spiced with informative text.

The drawings can be full body photos of the front, side, back, close-ups of faces, different expressions and even clothes.

The characters can be drawn with or without clothes. The clothing-free illustrations do not show any graphically depicted gender-related elements. I also do not draw NSFW material for an additional fee, all my commissioned work is suitable for all ages. The aim is to accurately depict the characters’ patterns throughout.


I do these:
I do not do:



The minimum order in the reference image is one full body photo! I prefer to make combinations of several image sizes. In the case of a combination of several image sizes, you get a discount!


18 / each
  • Full size of the character in the position you want
  • You can request for a certain look


10 / each
  • An image can emphasize a particular look or accessory
  • Hope also angles! I can draw front or side etc.


4 / each
  • Various little icons: jewelry, accessories, favorite foods and what elements you want to emphasize now as part of your character to draw.

YCH -commissions

YCH – the abbreviation comes from the English words “Your Character Here”.  Custom work in this style is one where I have planned the future work a lot in advance, so the buyer already knows quite well what style of image they will get when the work is completely finished. For these commissions, I have a fixed price, which I also try to stay with and I don’t usually take elements that require additional costs. Of course, for a fee, I do extra work. Extras are always agreed upon when ordering the work before invoicing the work.

What types of custom work do I do in these?

What changes are you willing to make?

I like to keep these with minimal change options. Some of the work may be more custom type and the customer can request bigger changes. Sometimes I want to do work through creativity, I do work much according to my own vision and inspiration.

How much work do you do on one plan?

These are also case-specific, but as a rule, large jobs can only be purchased by one customer. For smaller jobs, I have also done so that the changes to the design are small and I accept several orders at once.


Example:     In the attached sketch, I defined that I only accept large cat species as characters in this one. I would not have gone to work to turn a bird or into a greyhound, for example.

Available designs:

One time purchase:


Constantly available

Summer Crown - YCH

Delivery by email

Simple digital

25 / for one work
  • I color the colors of your character / pet to the base already made
  • You can choose the colors of the flowers
  • Small lineart changes possible
  • I can add jewelry, scars or add a little longer hair for free if the outline doesn't change terribly much
  • No breed changes
  • No species changes
  • No radical change in hair length
Delivery by email

Edited digital

40 / for one work
  • I color the colors of your character / pet to the base already made
  • You can choose the colors of the flowers and also ask to change the variety of flowers
  • Character changes
  • Breed and species changes possible
  • I can add jewelry, scars, etc. extra elements
  • Even major changes to the lineart are allowed
  • You will receive the raw draft for approval before payment
Delivery by snail mail


60 / for one work
  • I make a custom paper portrait based on these bases
  • You can choose the flowers, colors and other changes you want
  • Final full portrait in A4 size
  • I make the work using inkliners, watercolors and colored pencils
  • You will receive the raw draft for approval before payment

Order "Summer Crown" - work

Submit this form to order this YCH job for yourself. Submitting the form is a binding order and I would ask you to read the article on commissioned work here.

    ★ - marked are required information

    You can upload jpg or png files. I will ask for more detailed information in the reply e-mail.

    Have you read an article of my Delivery terms for commissions


    2 - 6 / pcs
    • Round button or magnet
    • Printmagnet
    • Paper sticker

    Copy or additional product

    You can also order copies of the work!

    The original order work can also be reproduced, so to speak, ie a copy of the same or smaller size. Can be ordered in connection with the order, an image product such as stickers, pins or bookmarks. You can also suggest something else that you think would fit alongside your actual commissioned work. All additional products are handcrafted in my home studio or ordered / made through partners.


    I make copies or additional products only of the works ordered from me. So I don’t make additional products from pictures or art made by others.


    Metallic round badge in size 50mm


    Paper sticker in the size you want. It can be uncoated or film coated.


    Paper laminated bookmark printed on art paper

    Print magnet

    Printed on magnetic paper max 10cm x 15cm / 4 in x 6 in

    Print keyring

    Image printed on photo paper, inside an acrylic photo frame

    A variation from custom work to a sales product?

    There is a section on the Order Form where I ask if you give permission to make the commission work into sales products to my web store. Here’s I open it up little:

    Over the years, I’ve been getting customers permit (their proposal) that make the sale of products from commissioned work they have ordered. From this, I got the idea to introduce the idea more widely to my commissions.

    Which works are suitable as sales products?

    Custom works in which I make a portrait of a purebred cat or dog as papercraft portraits can be commercialized if I have not already done that color or hair variation for the breed. Another option is digital art, where I possibly take advantage of either the background, the outline of the character, or both.

    What sales products are made from the work?

    Examples of products would be stickers, print magnets, postcards, buttons and bookmarks. Paper portraits can also become magnets or postcard-sized jobs, depending on the size ordered.

    Can I refuse?

    Yes! The commissioner has the full right to refuse to sell printed copies of their own order. You can ask more about this by e-mail.

    Can I get something for myself from accepting?

    Usually, in addition to your original order for one or more sales products, you will receive compensation for your consent to make sales products.

    Do you make sale products from all commissioned work?

    Even if you give your permission to make copies, I don’t always use every work for sale items. At the beginning of the commission request, I assess whether the finished work would be suitable as a sales product and I will also tell about it in the reply emails. If you order a portrait of a mixed breed dog, I most likely won’t even consider it a selling item. If you order a papercraft portrait of your own original character, it will not be possible to commercialize it. Digital products can be further processed into sale items.