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Custom commissions are open!

Custom commissions are open!

I finally completed the custom commission form, through which you can send a request for quotation for the custom commission. Different forms of commissions are already pre-blocked in the form and the pre-set questions will help you to provide wanted information for the request for quotation. All that information is important when creating an offer for you.

Terms and conditions for custom commissions

Custom commissions have their own conditions. The terms and conditions of customized products differ in many ways from the web stores’s own terms and conditions, so each requester must accept these terms and conditions. You can read them at the link below:

What you can order:

Of course, check out my commissions here: Commissions

Price starts from: 30€ / $35

Papercraft portraits

My most commissioned form of custom work is paper portraits of animals, especially pets. There are a few pre-set sizes available, but you can also suggest another size directly on the request form if you wish. You will always receive a raw sketch of the artwork before payment and the sketch will be edited until it is as desired.

Price starts from: 18€ / $20

Laminated con-badges

The character con-badges are part of the fursuit fandom. They are used as a collection art as well as in physical form for identification in connection with other fursuiters in events.

I only make these from self-invented characters, otherwise there are no restrictions on animal species. Unfortunately, I don’t draw human figures to order.

You can order from three pre-set sizes, you are free to wish the look and position of the characters. Feel free to state your wishes for the badge on the form.

Price starts from: 20€ / $22

Digital art

 I make small user icons, character references and digital paintings. The emphasis may be on the character, the background, or a combination thereof. The work will be delivered via e-mail, you will see a raw draft of your work before payment.

Price starts from: 16€ / $18

Digital character reference sheet

A drawing of your character from different angles. The work is a collage of several images spiced with informative text.

Want to order something other than the above?

Do you feel like that want to order something else? If you wish, you can place a free-form request for quotation directly by e-mail at:

I have not yet defined a price list for other custom work, such as bottle openers made of polymer clay or small dream catchers. They come from selections made to order again later, until I have done better price estimates for the products concerned.

I also like to make dream catcher-themed jewelry, dream catchers and figurines. Ask bravely!


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