Order and delivery terms

Order and delivery terms

These general delivery terms include the ordering and delivery terms for the SaQe-Art.com online store.

The online store is mainly intended for private individuals. The customer register maintained by SaQe-Art.com is confidential. The information will not be passed on to others. When ordering, the customer must provide their name, address, e-mail address and telephone number.
The order is always binding after the subscriber has received a written order confirmation (by e-mail).


User of the service

The user of the service is called the Customer regardless of whether the Customer registers for the service or not. Products can also be ordered without registration, but in connection with the order, we require information from the Customer when using our services. These delivery terms apply to all Customers, be they corporate, institutional or private individuals. The processing of customer data has been described in more detail Privacy Policy.


Fees and prices

The products are subject to a reasonable, valid compensation, which is marked in connection with the product. Please note that the prices of different products in a product may differ depending on the product variation. The service provider has the right to change prices freely.

Products are paid for with your order via PayPal or after order confirmation by bank transfer for people from Finland. In the online store, foreign customers can pay with the following payment methods:  Paypal (Paypal account balance or credit card without Paypal account).



Orders will only be delivered once the total amount of the order has been transferred to the merchant’s account. See below for conditions for order cancellation or cancellation.

Delivery costs vary depending on the weight and size of the products in the shopping cart. When ordering from the online service, delivery is always by post. Products will be send out within a reasonable time, which is normally approximately 3 to 7 days from order processing. However, I cannot influence the delays caused by the transport company or pandemic.

Shipping timeframe

During current covid -19 pandemic, all delivery times are much longer than usual. Be patient with your package when ordering! Add + 8 to 20 days for the delivery atm!

  • Finland:
                • Shipping inside Finland takes 1 – 5 business days
  • Europe:
                • Shipping to Europe countries takes 1 – 8 business days
  • Outside Europe:
                • Shipping to rest of the world it takes 7 – 30 business days

There is no tracking available for Priority Post outside Finland, however, you can purchase an Express class shipment  with tracking if you wish.


Postage prices are valid for the time being according to the specification below:

Shipping fees


3,5e, including tracking

5,00€ including tracking

5,9€ including tracking


1,85€ (without tracking)

2,65€ (without tracking)

3,70€ (without tracking)

5,55€ (without tracking)

18,50€ including tracking

9,25€ (without tracking)

25€  including tracking

Rest of the world

1,85 € (without tracking)

3,70 € (without tracking)

7,40 € (without tracking)

12,95 € (without tracking)

22,20 € (without tracking)

For shipments abroad, I am unable to provide tracking at a reasonable price. The tracking can be purchased by the customer themself in Europe or outside it.

If the order includes several products of different sizes, the order processor has the right to deliver the products in more than one delivery if they don’t fit in same package, any subsequent deliveries will be notified to the Customer at the e-mail address provided by the Customer in connection with the processing of the order.

3.1 Delivery of File Products and their Delivery Format

File product delivery format The online service generally has a “Compressed file – .zip”. One compressed file contains 1-5 standard document, presentation, or image formats, such as: .doc, .docx, .odt, .xls, .xlsx, .xlt, .ppt, .pptx, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif , .png, .psd, etc. depending on the product.

After paying for the order, the products can be downloaded from the order confirmation page. The products of the order will also be sent to the Customer’s e-mail address provided in connection with the order in the same e-mail as the order and delivery confirmation. 



The materials contained in the file products are protected by copyright and are copyrighted by the service provider or its subcontractors.

For a fee, the customer receives a limited access to the products and service. The license covers the use of the Service for both non-commercial and commercial purposes.

The products and services are for the Customer’s own use only. Releasing dowloaded products for resale is considered copyright infringement. Customer have right to resale physical items like artwork, but sale price cannot be higher than purchase price. 


Change and return

Ownership and liability

Ownership of the products will be transferred to the Customer immediately after the conclusion of the agreement. The product’s responsibility for the product passes to the Customer when the Customer has taken control of the product (for example, by acknowledging it by post).

If the product has been damaged during transport, it must be reported immediately to customer service, however, within 5 days of receipt of the shipment.


Warranty and liability for defects

5.1 Product warranty

The warranty is determined in accordance with the warranty conditions specified by the manufacturer. Paper products are not guaranteed.

5.2 Liability for defects

The Service Provider is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the Service, products or materials or the consequences thereof. The Service Provider is also not liable for any direct or indirect damages or inconveniences resulting, for example, from the fact that the Service, product or material does not meet the Customer’s needs or objectives.

The service provider’s liability for the order placed is always limited to the termination of the contract and possibly the return of prepaid services.


Changes in terms

The Service Provider has the right to unilaterally change these terms. The user accepts the current terms of the service when using the service.