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Paper craft portraits and summer cats!

Paper craft portraits and summer cats!

In the past week, I added a few products to the online store and this time I focused mainly on paper portraits. Most of the paper portrait magnets can be found in stock have now been added to the online store.

My next intention is to add the larger portraits. I also added one bigger one to this update in addition to the previous ones. When I get those bigger versions of art posters added to the store, I’ve gotten to the point where I can focus on making new products better. Over the years, I have accumulated a surprising amount of products, I have clearly been hardworking person after all!

There are currently 155 products listed in the online store, several of which still have separate variations to choose. Now when you can see the entire product catalog listed in the form of an web shop, the number feels wild!

As an additional update, I also made new sections to the site menu: “Themes” and “All Products
For themes, I have now gathered products from a specific topic area under the same page for easy finding. Hopefully this will make it easier to browse the products even though the site has its own search box for the products.

Earlier this week I opened my custom commissions and now I start to invest a lot in “YCH” style custom works, where I already plan the future work and the customer can influence the outcome of the work with their own wishes. You can check out the current “Summer Crown” – ych work from the link below.

I have sorted products by themes. You can now see the products from all of the themes below at once on their own pages. The Theme selection will be updated when I’m able to make new products.

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