Paper products

Handmade paper products

On this page I have listed all paper products I make. The illustrations of the products are either made using traditional media using watercolors, water-soluble color pencils and various markers, or completely digitally on a computer with the help of a drawing board and drawing on an iPad.

The product is obtained by scanning or photographing in digital form. Images are processed on a computer into print files and prepared for printing. I print most of the products with my own high-quality printer and after further printing the images into the desired products.



The products are made by hand in my home studio

Some of the label sheets have been carried out using a printing service, but all the sheets of labels, pictures, and layout of the sheet, I have designed for yourself.

Papercraft works


Size: 7 x 12 cm
However, size may vary between character and weight items

For frames

Size: 10 x 15cm, 15 x 20cm ja A4

With background

Size: A4

"DIY" -papercraft works


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