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Swamp for endless projects

Swamp for endless projects

I am restless if we are talking about projects. Why I say so is because my focus on my own creative projects is not so straightforward. I don’t start one project and work it out before starting the next one. I have many multi-project projects in progress and I always start new ones in addition to the previous one. It’s like an endless swamp where I feel rampant year after year.

Over the years I have noticed that with some of the projects I get the feeling that I’ll never get them ready. Sometimes I wonder if there’s something wrong with my work when I just don’t get the started projects ready. I have decided not to be so harsh with myself if I do not get my projects completed within a certain period of time. I try to do things forward according to inspiration and endurance, even if only a small piece at a time.

The mood of doing already in childhood

I have come to the conclusion that the current project cycle dates back to childhood and craft courses. Before I started the school, we had to accompany my mother with various courses that were organized in our primary school. During the summer holidays I spend time with my grandmother whom with I did lot of crafting from anything from fabric printing to paper string angels. Later, after moving into the school world myself, more diverse skills to do creative work came familiar to me. Craft skills were actively accumulated during the school years and the interest in creative work has remained to this day.

Creativity unfolds in cycles

Creativity is currently unfolding in many different forms:

Creativity unfolds in cycles, because my inspiration and my ability to concentrate is not able to work on one thing for very long. I might do one “art form” for a week or two continuously, sometimes longer depending of subject. If I do one subject long time, I will get tired of doing it easily and need to change subjects. Rarely can I focus entirely on one art form but I can do something else not so consuming besides that. For example, making website material, photographing, adding products to an online store and making sale products.

Eternity projects

Over the years, a wide variety of projects have accumulated on the endless to-do-list, which are progressing slowly. I’m really trying not to put more pressure on them, maybe then they’ll be completed in some point. In my youth I was a passionate book reader and in elementary school I wrote many my own stories. When I was younger, I didn’t really draw in any way with a large volume, the focus in creativity was on writing and crafts. Visual creativity took the wind in its sails at the beginning of high school when all the writing energy was discharged in mandatory notes during the school days. I had to come up with some other way to express stories in my mind when creative writing had become too unpleasant duty.

I will open more of my projects in future blog posts, but I will also list in this post what is in the so called “desk drawer” and some projects that have already been postponed later or buried.


Rietas -comic

This comic was originally drawn as a short strip comic in 2006 and had a total of 9 pages. However, the story of the comic remained in my mind for a long time, and I started a longer version many times after that. If I remember correct I have tried to draw this story three times since the first version. At first, the characters in the comic have been drawn as dogs, but other species will be included in the future version and the characters will be drawn as anthromorphic creatures with clothes.

New Tomorrow

This comic was in the work phase in 2008-2009 and is currently in the script phase again. I published the comic online for a while back then and published 37 full color pages, but because I was unhappy with the drawing quality the project  moved into the hiatus mode.

Midnight's swim

This comic idea I have created a primary school age in 1998. The story was born when I was excited to read a ghost – and horror stories. Originally, the character was a human character, but now that anthromorphic characters are more part of my own style, I thought in 2013 that would change the way the characters express themselves. The story of is going to be relatively short, so I hope to get along with this soon.


In 2011, I joined an improvisation comic project called Urufu no Hyouki (current name Wolf’s Ice Age). The comic includes my character Ramana and in 2013 I got the idea that I want to draw the story of Ramana as my own comic. The comic would initially focus on the time before the wolf joined the Arokasu pack. The project will be relatively long as the intention would also be to draw scenes from the improvisation comic through the Ramana experience.

The Dawn

I developed the Dawn story in 2011 and the project got a better start in 2014 when I was looking for an illustrator for the project. I wanted to work as the main designer myself and someone else would illustrate a short comic where the focus would be on beautiful backgrounds. Kippy signed in to the project as illustrator but because the script phase took too much time and life situations are constantly changing, we decided to pause the project together. The intention is to return to this project later, as long as the script has taken on its final form. It remains to be seen whether I will do the illustration myself in the future or whether I am looking for a partner for the project.

Written stories

Tony -story

Digital work from 2005 about the main character of the story

Tony’s story have started in 1996 and the story has taken shape since then. At first it was an idea to write as a book and later I tried to draw it as a cartoon as well. The story was left to hiatus for many years, but now several years later I have developed and scripted the story again. In this story, me as child was inspired especially by the Lassie movies and the stories about dogs that I read from the Reader’s Digest Select Editions book series.

Sola -story

The first sketches from 2005

This story, which originated in 2005, remained quite strongly in my mind and I was able to write mostly short texts from it without a larger set of stories. I still like the characters I invented, let’s see will this story take some shape later on.


Character illustration from 2005

This story is one of the longest stories of what I have written. I wrote the story from 2000 to 2005. The story currently has a length of 14 chapters and would need more. My intention is at some point to write the story clean and move it forward. The story is a fantasy-focused parallel story about a boy who end up to another world. 

The new life of the blog

I used to keep the blog on separate platform, but I found it somehow very time consuming and that hobby went to long hiatus. So with my new website, I decided to give blogging a new opportunity. My goals for the blog are very moderate: as long as I can time to time write articles about art and especially my projects it’s all fine. There may be a so-called herring salad on the topics of the blog, of course everything focuses on creative work in some way. There is no personal thought blog for the site, I hope you enjoy it and you can comment on the texts if you wish.

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