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You can also buy gift cards now!

Select the desired amount and the delivery method of the gift card. You will receive an image file via email and in the mail you will receive a physical card directly to your home or to the gift recipient. Gift cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase.




  • A gift card of an desired amount
  • Delivery:
      • By email or
      • by post aka snail mail (not include tracking in International orders)
  • Can be used in online shopping or custom work as a means of payment
  • The physical card also serves as a means of payment at transactions to pay for the products on my vending table

Gift cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

You can redeem finished products with the card, order a unique custom work or both, depending on the value of your gift card. You can find out about order work prices and finished products through the website.

You can only redeem the amount value to your gift card! So if you want to order more than the value marked on the gift card, the gift card can be used to redeem the work in part, the rest will be billed to you when ordering.

There is a list of all the Gift Cards you have purchased, if your code does not match the ones on the lists I will ask you for more information. The gift card can only be used once and cannot be divided into parts or chanced to money!


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