Ginga 1 – sticker sheet


Ginga 1 – vinyl sticker sheet

Four Ginga characters on the sheet – with googly eyes

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Vinyl sticker sheet

  • Size: A6, 10.5 x 15 cm / 3.9 inch x 5.9 inch
  • Sticker set includes 4 characters with the following googly eyes and 9 small paw stickers
  • In this set, the characters are: Gin, Akakabuto, Kurojaki and Akame
  • The size of one sticker is about  4 x 4 cm / 1,57 x  1,57 inch the size varies slightly between the characters, the small paw stickers are 0.8 x 0.5 cm
    The eyes are attached with a strong plastic glue, so they can withstand some wear even without coming off. However, I do not recommend attaching labels, for example, to the phone case if the label is repeatedly subjected to abrasion or pressure.

    Be aware that the colors may look slightly different on your screen and on the printed product.


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