Stardust – necklace


Stardust – necklace

A handmade necklace made in Finland. Recycled jewelry parts, so cannot be 100% sure are some parts nickel-free.

As default in this necklace there is a 46 cm long silver-plated chain. If you want a longer chain, choose the most suitable option from the menu below!

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Stardust – necklace

A handmade dream catcher themed necklace. 


      • Some of the parts of jewelry I can’t be sure if they are nickel free. Recycled jewelry parts have been used for this necklace.
      • Pendant with chains weighs: 6g
      • The length of the silver-plated chain is about 46 cm. If you want to order a longer chain, when ordering, choose whether you want to keep the current length of the chain or whether you want it longer.


  • Metal feathers (no nickel-free guarantee)
  • Glass beads
  • Metal beads (no nickel-free guarantee)
  • Nickel-free silver-plated chain, 46 cm.
  • Nickel-free silver-plated jump rings

If you react easily to silver-plated jewelry, I do not recommend that this jewelry be in contact with the skin.

Note that the colors may look slightly different on your screen and what the product will look like under different lighting conditions.


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