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Frequently asked questions and, of course, answers to them.


You can put a message to me through a different social media message feature if you like. For quick questions , I respond best viaInstagram or Twitter pretty soon after reading the message, please give me a couple of hours time to answer since I can be middle of something else. I may read your message but I may not have time to respond at the same time.

How often you check your messages?
I usually respond to messages during office hours on weekdays, , sometimes outside of office hours. I try to respond to messages within 2-5 days. If you notice that I have not replied to the message within a week, you can take contact again - earlier messages have been lost in cyberspace or I just forgot interspersed with busy hour to answer your message. The best way to get the message to me is to send an email to: info@saqe-art.com

Hey, can I chat with you?
If you would like to chat with me, then unfortunately I do not have enough time for it. I chat only with my family and friends.

It would also make it easier if you told me about your troubled topic in your first contact message. Just ”Hi!” messages are a bit awkward because unfortunately I do not have time to chat with multiple people and try to figure out the purpose of the thread through multiple messages.

I always use email for commissioned work and larger discussions. During the ordering phase, I can also contact you via some social media to ask for faster updates or questions. Just feel free to contact us for matters related to art or commissioned work.

Hey, why you have not anwered to me already?
I try to answer to my messages soon as possible I get them or right after some urgent work.

Keep in mind too that I live in North Europe, and most of my clients are from United States. I might live very different timezone than you. So when you are sending me a message - I can be sleeping at that moment or out of my working time etc.


All paper portrait products use 250 g thick printing paper and I use a Canon PIXMA printer for prints, which provides high-quality prints for printed products in my home studio.

For the jewelry I use silver-plated parts, which I have acquired Finnish jewelry supply stores or domestic online stores. All earring hooks are nickel-free and the materials of the hooks are as follows: silver-plated brass, surgical steel or, for an additional fee, also sterling silver.

Some of the metal jewelry parts are older parts purchased from different places or donated, the material of which I cannot go under warranty. I will label the product information I use for each piece of jewelry and add information if I can not guarantee the jewelry is quite sensitive.

I can change the earring hooks to your order, please contact us if you want to change something!

If you did not find the answer to the question in your mind then you can ask me about it if you want. I will answer your question via email and possibly also add your question as customized for this site.



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