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Welcome to SaQe-Art.com!
On the website you will find an extensive catalog of art products made by SaQe and a blog that focuses on the art and various projects. The purpose of the site is to be an online information package about the works of the artist visiting the fairs and conventions Artist Alleys.

Topics you can find on the site:

  • Animal art
  • Fan art from nostalgic animal related movies and series
  • Fursuit fandom
  • Handmade jewelry
  • Art videos
  • Product processes
  • DIY ideas
  • Tutorials

I hope you enjoy my extensive site. The website content and text have been produced by the artist themself. Everything on the site is therefore the artist own handprint both in terms of coding, visual content and text. So please do not copy the content in any way.

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Artist ✦ Site administrator

Hi, I am Jenna! I am a hobby artist from Oulu, born in the late 80s.

My site focuses on my art and crafts. You can find articles about making art, sales, art presentations and various projects on the blog.

The latest pictures on Instagram: