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Creative work can also be seen in the productization of my art. I want to designing different products and see them as ready products too. I mostly have different illustration products, but you can also find hand-made jewelry, sewing and other handicrafts on my sales table.
I like packaging design and product display design. Visiting art alleys or other shops is one part of my art hobby.

Sale events

A few times a year I go to various events to sell my art products. I currently only sell at events organized in Finland. The events have mainly been children and young people events and some Christmas sales.
As a rule, the events where I try to get a table are these:

  • Kummacon, Oulu
  • Matsucon, Oulu
  • Kazecon, Raahe
  • Mushucon, Rovaniemi
  • Tracon, Tampere
  • Gingacon, The location varies
  • Nekocon, Kuopio
  • Hypecon, Hyvinkää
  • Pörröcon, Helsinki
I have also been to other events, but I listed the most common ones that I have participated in more than once or I see that I would potentially participate in them in the future as well.

Event calendar

  • Tracon
  • 08 - 10.9.2023
  • Tampere-talo, Artesan area
    33101 Tampere
  • Friday: 16 - 20
    Saturday: 10 - 19
    Sunday: 10 - 17

More information about the products

You can read more about the different products I make for sale below. If anything is bothering me in my products, please contact me by e-mail.

Paper portraits are one of the most popular product categories for which I make products the most.
These products are layered constructed paper works of art in several different sizes.

  • Fridge Magnet: 7 x 12 cm, size may vary by character and between print runs.
For frames:
  • 10 x 15cm
  • 15 x 20cm
  • 21,0 x 29,7cm
Topics in these works include the cat and dog breeds ofthe Breed Portrait Project , fan artworks, and wildlife, for example.
At the center of these products are the faces of the character or animal.

One of my cheapest products are paper stickers. The paper stickers are made entirely by hand in my home studio with a quality printer and at the moment I am still cutting the stickers by hand too. In the future, cutting should be handled by an electronic cutter.

Some sticker sheets may have been made using printing services, but I have designed all the pictures and layout of the sticker sheets myself.
Paper stickers are intended for use on porous surfaces such as the pages of notebooks and calendars.

I do not recommend using paper stickers for these surfaces: phone covers, laptops, drink bottles, etc. You can of course use stickers on these surfaces, but remember that the paper sticker does not withstand wear on hard surfaces for a very long time without protective films etc.

  • Height is around 6,5cm / 2.5 inch and width vary by animal/character
  • Printed on 250g/m² art paper, one sticker weights 2g
  • Sticker have really strong adhesive surface other side
  • Paper stickers are not waterproof!

Laminated bookmark with rounded edges. The illustrations can be my own production using different techniques, different cat and dog breeds and fan art.

  • Size: 15.5 x 4.8 cm
  • Hot-laminated paper bookmark printed on 200 g / m² art paper
  • Double-sided, the other half of the bookmark has a SaQe-Art logo background or is completely white
  • Highly wear resistant due to lamination

Illustration is printed on magnetic paper with an inkjet printer. Illustrations are my own production using different techniques.

  • Size:
  • Some of the image magnets are coated with a holographic film

Pinback-button / Badge have a metal backing. The illustrations can be your own production using different techniques, cat and dog breeds and fan art.

  • Printed on 120g print paper and have plastic film top of it!
  • Three shape options: round, heart and star
  • Product sizes:
    • Round: 5 x 5cm ( ~ 2″)
    • Heart: 5,6cm ( ~2 1/4″ )
    • Star: 5,6 x 5cm (2 1/4″ x ~2″)

Cute pre-cut handmade animal paper doll character with basic set of accessories!
The basic set of characters includes at least 4 different accessories and they vary from character to character. The clothes of different characters also work for the other paper dolls in the series I made!

  • Currently available characters are:
    • Lupu - wolf
    • Kuura - arctic fox
    • Miiu - house cat
    • Leimu -red fox
    • Unna - unicorn
  • Wearing a character will not work without a magnetic base!
  • Use this magnetic paper doll even on the refrigerator door or on the magnetic white board.
  • Printed on magnetic photo paper with an inkjet printer, colors may fade in direct sunlight!
  • Play and freely combine the accessories between characters!

Fabric lanyard. The illustrations are from my own digital art production, the topics vary.

  • 90cm x 2cm / ~ 35,4 x 0,80″
  • The lanyard has a safety lock in the middle of the band and the band has a lobster clasp.
  • The pattern is printed with heat transfer technology.
  • The pattern is on both sides of the lanyard. Silky satin pattern on the surface of the ribbon, so small details are not as sharp. You can see the texture of the fabric when you look closely.

I am currently making different tails with elastic band attachment and ears in head bands. Materials:

  • High-quality dense faux fur, the fabrics are bought from Finland, the United States or the United Kingdom.
  • Polyester filling
  • Plastic headbands and metal support inside the ears

Do-it-yourself paper portrait packages allow you to make layered portraits yourself using ready-made characters to color. Package include general instructions on how to build portraits. At events, I sell these as ready-made packages that include:

  • Instructions in Finnish
  • Black background cardboard in size 10 x 15 cm
  • Black cardboard for making possible moustaches, a character-specific feature
  • Craft foam
The subjects vary and new works will be added to the selection little by little. Available characters:
  • Wolf
  • House cat
  • A dog with upright ears
  • Fox
  • Unicorn
  • Dragon
  • Ginga: Akita
  • Ginga: Koga -dog

I make jewelry from different pieces of jewelry. I do not make jewelry parts myself, so I buy them from jewelry supply stores. I use in parts, nickel-free parts, such as surgical steel, for example in earring hooks.

In the catalog, I indicate the materials used in the information of each piece of jewelry.
If asked, I can also change, for example, the earring hook model. Ask bravely!


There is no actual online store on this site at the moment, but a more info-based catalog of available products by me what I sell at conventions.

The latest products in the catalog are updated here! Browse the full catalog here:

Nevest product in the catalog:

  • Tracon
  • 08 - 10.9.2023
  • Tampere-talo, Artesan area
    33101 Tampere
  • Friday: 16 - 20
    Saturday: 10 - 19
    Sunday: 10 - 17